Ever tried straight gin? It’s a bitter drink with a poisonous taste. Likewise, tonic water on its own is a less than appealing beverage. But pour a shot of gin over ice in a tall glass and fill it up with tonic, add a slice of lemon and suddenly, you’ve got a delicious cocktail that just works. It’s all about getting the right mix. When brokers handle price enquiries and inspections, getting the balance of the message right is just as critical to the outcome as mixing a good G&T. Most brokers tend to only offer messages of value or greed, neither of which on their own is going to result in the best outcome. The value message is the information the broker gives about how much the business nearby sold for, or feedback on pricing. But too much value information can push price perceptions too high, resulting in buyers losing interest and falling away. You can hear the greed message when the broker talks about how desperately the owner wants to sell, focussing on the chance to buy well. But too much greed will have value expectations fixed low, with buyers reluctant to pay anything more than a bargain price. Just the right mix of value and greed will have buyers keenly interested and willing to compete with other buyers and vendors willing to sell when the right threshold is reached. With banks being very cautious and the Management Rights market slowing up a little, it has never been more important to get the mix right. It’s the perfect cocktail to make any transaction sing.

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